Elevate Your Photography Skills & Unlock Authenticity Through Self-Portraiture - A 5 Day Challenge

Learning the art of self-portraiture serves as a powerful catalyst for developing & sharpening photography skills while fostering a deeper sense of authenticity.

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    Shannon O'Malley

    MN Portrait Artist & Self-Portrait Creator/Educator

    Who am I?

    Hello! I'm Shannon, your go-to Twin Cities Natural Light Portrait Artist. My vision is to capture the very essence of your soul, crafting timeless masterpieces that evoke emotions, provoke self-reflection, and unveil the profound beauty within each of us.

    For my Self-Portrait Education Community: My goal is to help you elevate your photography skills, guiding you from doubts to a confident self-portrait artist so you can beautifully express yourself through your lens.

    In the ever-evolving world of photography, where every click captures a moment and tells a story, the art of self-portraiture has proven to be a transformative odyssey for me as a photographer. Beyond the realms of the creative process and personal exploration, delving into self-portraits has significantly influenced how I approach and encapsulate the essence of my clients.

    What will you learn?

    • Daily Prompts: Receive daily prompts and tips for capturing self-portraits, guiding you through different aspects of self-portraiture each day.

    • Skill Improvement: Practice and improve your photography skills over the course of five days, focusing on composition, lighting, posing, and expression.

    • Empowerment and Authenticity: Learn how self-portraiture can help you develop confidence, authenticity, and self-expression, empowering you to show up authentically in front of the camera and bring out the authenticity in others.